Driver Monitoring System Features – DR900X-2CH DMS Plus

Driver Monitoring System Features #


Functions Descriptions Indicator LED Beep Alert
Power On When power is turned on, the DMS booting up. X
Detected Detects the face within the range of 15 degree to top, bottom, left and right based on the center of the lens. X
Undetected When driver is out of detection range for 60 seconds, it will be detected as No driver. O
Drowsy When driver’s eyes close for more than 1 second or yawning for 2 seconds, it will be detected as drowsy. O


When driver turns head to one side (left or right) more than about 50 degrees for 5 seconds, or put his head down to send a text message using phone for 5 seconds, it will be detected as distracted.  



Hand Distraction

When there is hand movement around your face for 20 second  it will be detected as hand distraction.

(Calling, Smoking or Eating may be suspected)



Mask When driver takes off mask, DMS alert driver to put on mask. O
Power Off When power is turned off, the DMS is turned off. X X



  • Among the functions, Distracted and Hand Distraction are not available if GPS is under 5km.
  • Algorithm may change in order to improve accuracy.

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