At a glance – DR750X-2CH Truck Plus

The following diagrams explain each part of the BlackVue dashcam.

Front camera #


A) Lock button
B) Mounting bracket
C) Front security LED:
: Lights on during (i) normal mode, (ii) an event is being recorded (impact detected), (iii) manual recording has started, or (iv) motion is detected in parking mode.
: Blinks slowly during parking mode motion detection standby.
D)  Camera lens

A) GPS LED: : Lights blue when GPS is on. : Blinks blue quickly when GPS is turning off.
B) Speaker
C) Recording LED:
: Lights orange in normal mode.
: Lights red when (i) an event is being recorded (impact detected), or (ii) manual recording has started.
 : Lights green in parking mode when motion is detected.
D) Bluetooth/ Wi-Fi/ LTE  LED:
 : Lights yellow when LTE is connected.
: Lights white when Wi-Fi is connected.
 : Blinks Yellow slowly when Bluetooth is paired.
 : Blinks Yellow quickly when Bluetooth is in pairing mode.


A) Proximity Sensor LED:
: Lights when proximity sensor is triggered.
B) Proximity Sensor:
Touch or wave a finger within 20mm of the sensor to trigger a customizable function.
Available options:
– Turn on/off audio recording (default)
– Manual recording trigger
– Off

A) Micro USB port
B) DC in (power connector)
C) microSD card slot
D) Wi-Fi button: Press once to turn on/off Wi-Fi.

E) Cover


Removing and inserting the front camera #


A) Connectivity details label: Default Wi-Fi SSID / Default Wi-Fi password / Cloud code / QR code
B) Serial number label
To remove the dashcam from its bracket, press the LOCK button and pull the dashcam out of the mounting bracket.
To insert the dashcam into its bracket, push the dashcam into the mounting bracket until it “clicks” in.

Rear camera  #

A) Illumination Sensor
B) Camera Lens
C) V out (Front camera connection port)
D) External Mounting Bracket
F) Hood

The illumination sensor detects when it is dark and activates the 6 IR LEDs which help to pick up more detail in dark areas.
The rear camera housing is completely dust-proof and waterproof (tested to function normally after being immersed in 1m of water for 30 minutes). The integrated hood helps shield the lens from the elements.

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