Parking Mode battery (Optional) – DR900X-2CH

Parking mode is supported only if you use a hardwiring power cable or a parking mode battery (ex. Power Magic Ultra Battery or Power Magic Battery Pack). To record Video when the engine is turned off without using the vehicle’s battery, you can install a parking mode battery.

Power Magic Battery (B-112) #

The Power Magic Battery pack B-112 powers a single dashcam for up to 12 hours after 1 hours of rapid charging. When the engine is off the battery pack powers the dashcam. When the engine is on the dashcam is powered directly from the vehicle’s battery and the battery pack charges.

Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-124X) #

Power Magic Ultra Battery reaches a full charge in a record 40 minutes when hardwired. Parking mode can last more than 24 hours with a single-channel BlackVue. Compatible with the free BlackVue Battery Manager app.

•  Double you capacity with the optional Expansion battery
•  Power Magic Ultra Battery recharges with ignition on and powers your dashcam when ignition it off
•  For more detailed information, please check Blackvue homepage (



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