DMS Calibration – DR750X-2CH DMS Plus

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DMS Calibration  #


Why do we need calibration ?

To utilize AI-based DMS features, calibration process must be preceded to enable DMS. The calibration process is intended to improve the accuracy of driver recognition since driver’s physical condition (height and eye size), driving position vary from person to person. 


  1. Complete installation DMS camera and Front camera.
  2. Turn on the engine, DMS booting up.
  3. Adjust the camera angle if necessary to ensure the driver’s head is within the camera. (Please check your face through “Live view” via Wi-Fi direct or BlackVue Cloud)
  4. When DMS calibration starts, Blue LED blinks for 30 secs to 2 mins.
  5. When DMS calibration is completed, Green LED turns on.
  6. When DMS is enabled, the device can recognize Driver’s behavior. (Drowsy, Distracted, Hand Distraction, Mask)

Windshield Installation                                                                 Dashboard Installation



  • During calibration process, the DMS camera is being recorded. 
  • Every time DMS camera starts, calibration operates. and it can re-calibrate automatically while driving. 

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