Recording Time – DR590X-1CH

Your dashcam will automatically turn on and start recording when it is connected to a power source.

Memory Capacity Image Quality Resolution (Front)
Full HD @60fps


Highest (Extreme) 2 HR 45 MIN
Highest 5 HR 45 MIN
High 6 HR 30 MIN
Normal 8 HR


Highest (Extreme) 5 HR 30 MIN
Highest 11 HR
High 13 HR
Normal 16 HR


Highest (Extreme) 11 HR
Highest 22 HR
High 26 HR
Normal 32 HR


Highest (Extreme) 22 HR
Highest 44 HR
High 52 HR
Normal 64 HR

Bitrate (Mbps)

Highest (Extreme) 25Mbps
Highest 12Mbps
High 10Mbps
Normal 8Mbps

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